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Window Treatments

Carol & David would like to replace their window treatments (as would I).  Henry & Jane did so about eight years ago.  Whereas Henry & Jane opted for an expensive model that aimed to preserve the Victorian appearance of the house, Carol & David have found a less expensive one that may or may not.  I took some photos so you can see what you think.

Click on an image to enlarge it.

Taken Feb 18, 2004 (after H&J's change)

1. Original Fixtures (69)

2. Original Fixtures: Closeup

3. Jane & Henry's replacements

4. Jane & Henry's replacements: Closeup

5. Dalton St: General

6. Dalton St: Closeup

7. Dalton St. Detail

8. Dalton St: Askance

9. Dalton St: Askance

10. Dalton St: closeup

11. Dalton St: Closeup

12. Dalton St: Side view
Oops, how did shots I took at yesterday's U.S. Squash Open get in here?

Lee Beachill (men's tourney champion) & Nick Mathew

Vicki Botwright wasn't fast enough for Natalie Grinham (women's tourney champion)