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Squash Boxed Ladder


Most clubs have a ladder that ranks players by ability.  Using it players can see where they stand and schedule matches with players of similar ability.  The simplest ladder is a simple numbered list of players.  A "boxed" ladder begins with the same list, but boxes are drawn around consecutive groups of (say) five players.  Every month players play everyone else in their box.  Points are awarded, revealing stronger and weaker players in each box.  For the next period (typically a month) the stronger move up, the weaker move down, and fresh box lines are drawn.

Here is the initial letter describing the process.  Here is the actual procedure for how results are figured.


The fewer rules the better, but here are some guidelines.


Here are the ladders to date.  Note each spreadsheet has several tabs (at bottom of page), including one giving the derivation from the previous month.  You may be asked for a username.  Use "cac" and password "cac".

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