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See Quick Links above for various squash links.  I particularly recommend the article on Choking and Panicking.

Here are temporary images from recent squash events.

Here are more events.

Here are a few pix from the 2005 US Open.

Squash is like racquetball (It's reported that RB was derived from squash to popularize it, in the early 20'th century).  It is eternally fascinating, demanding concentration, coordination and fitness.  I play six times a week at the Cambridge Athletic Club (formerly, Cambridge Racquet & Fitness Club, CRFC) but for all that, am not professionally ranked yet ;-)  I captained the Open D team (2.5) for four years (1999-2002), and am now captaining the C (3.5) team in 2003/04 and 04/05.  Players are ranked D (beginner) through A (semi-god).  A numeric system also describes ability.  It goes something like: D:<=2.5, C:3-3.7, B:3.7-4.5, A:4.5+.

I play at the Cambridge Athletic Club (CAC, formerly Cambridge Racquet & Fitness Club, CRFC).  The CAC is located in the Aethenium Building:    For driving orientation, here are sights you will see driving to the Club along Memorial Drive.

CAC Life

I find the Club a hospitable environment for developing squash skills and playing congenial folk.  The CAC is relatively cheap and worth the commute to Kendall Square.  Their courts are converted from racquetball, but have the modern markings familiar to international squash.  The best players don't like them because they are a foot too small, hindering finesse shots.  Around 2001 the club lost all its A and most of its B players, due in part from new competition from Sports Club LA, Healthpoint and MIT.  Harvard also offers public access at good rates, albeit off-hours.

Here are pictures of some of the people I come into contact with.  I like the sweaty ones the best. ;-)

I've been running the squash boxed ladder since its inception in October '03.  (I handled the racquetball ladder briefly, but that's moved into Alex Wagner's capable hands.).

You can find a list of CAC players here.