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Several years ago I played a little polo in Hamilton, MA.  Someday I'll talk about it here.  Suffice it to say that the rider needs little skill if the horse knows how to play polo.

During the fall of 2003 I began taking lessons at Bobby's Ranch (see farm pictures).  My instructor, Rick Merluzzo, is excellent (and patient!).  Jane & Steve shared in the fun...

Harold and Rick

Steve and Jane Schmidt

Linda Paone tried it twice.

Jane, Steve & Harold


Setting out on trail ride

Rick points the way to Steve

Steve, Jane & Harold

Setting out on trail ride


Come winter 2004, Jane & Steve dropped out to save money to buy a house.  I began early morning lessons, with five other students, from Sheila and Cassie, also at Bobby's Ranch.  Here are some pictures from the winter.:

More pictures from a spring trail ride are here.

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