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South Africa
March, 2001

Click on an image to enlarge it, but only if you have a high-speed connection.  They're about 500kb.


My friend Mary-Ann Moore married a terrific guy (Todd Crowley) in March of 2001.  She is South African and the main wedding was in Capetown.

View outside my hotel room


Mary-Ann's father (Dave) gives her away


Signing the Registry


Mary-Ann gave a speech that had most of us in tears

Sisters: Kathleen & Carol

Kathleen & Dave & (mother) Melody


Touring Western Cape Province

After the wedding the parents of the bride & groom and I traveled around the Western Cape Province.  It was the best vacation I've ever had.

Mongoose Meditates


Harold about to foolishly deliver deep neck massage

Flat tire, shoot.  Not surprising if you'd seen the mountain pass we went over.

The Little Karoo ("small arid semi-desert") is a princi-

 pal source of ostriches for the world

Guinea Fowl (Melody's favorite animal)

Guinea Fowl

Cape of Good Hope

Locals tell the tourists that when you stand atop the Cape of Good Hope you can usually see a line of whitecaps where the Indian and Atlantic oceans meet.  See last picture above!

Wild Animal Farm

One of the highlights of our travels was a day in a wild animal farm near the town of Wilderness.  Raising exotic animals is big business.  We saw many deer, antelope, lions and -- my favorite -- rhinos.  Time and again the same scenario repeated:  this baby rhino would tug on the fire hose, then something about the hose would scare it away, only to return a minute later with the courage of Mother being nearby.

Family portrait

"Must make it in time for tea"

Entering Lion Compound

Quality time

It's a harsh world

Look, no glass or partition!



See link.

Cango Wildlife Ranch.  LinkMap1, Map 2.

Map of De Rust.  Tourism about De RustDie Gat Guest House (Anton & Susan Schoeman).  Also here, and here.   I slept in a 150 year old ox wagon, family piece with en-suite bathroom.  A fox lived underneath.


"Here the lagoon is guarded by the sandstone cliffs known as "The Head". Knysna is also the hardwood and furniture capital of South Africa. The village has art galleries and crafts shops which are well worth the visit. Included in the tour is oyster tasting at the factory based on the lagoon and visit to Michele's Brewery. At mid-mourning you take a cruise on the lagoon to the Featherbed Nature Reserve. On the reserve you take a tram ride up to the top of the Western Head. After a breathtaking tour of this magnificent island, you ride back down for a fish lunch under the milkwood trees, before cruising across the lagoon to Knysna." (from tripod.com)

Around Capetown

Thanks to Melody, I got a day of private touring around Capetown.  The wine country is especially beautiful because of the mountain backdrop.  This was my first contact with crocodiles, including eating their meat.  (Tasty, like a cross between meat and fish.)  The reason you see crocodiles with their mouths open is not that they're displaying; rather, they're relaxing their jaws, which are wired spring-like to be open.  This permits the crocodile to await its prey comfortably for long periods.

Wine Country (Paarl)

Vineyard across street from B&B