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Aug 23-30, 2003

At the end of August my friend Deb and I went to Glacier National Park (GNP) for a week of nature.  She did most of the planning and I did most of the complaining.  (Oatmeal for breakfast every day!)  Most people don't know where GNP is. It's in northwest Montana and extends into Canada (where it is called Waterton Lakes National Park.  Together they're called the international peace park or somesuch.)  A couple of hikers we ran across said they'd been to a lot of the national parks, but GNP was the best.  I'll always be partial to Yosemite, but they had a point: incredibly craggy mountain tops, shorn cliff faces, and idyllic glacial lakes.

Anyway, here's a general map of the park (the original is at http://www.nps.gov/glac/maps/photomap.htm).  Here's a detail of where we stayed, Many Glacier (based on http://www.nps.gov/glac/maps/trailsmg.htm).

We met at Missoula airport and were put up by Deb's friend Stephanie.  Stephanie is remarkable: she's the kindest person you could ever hope to meet, yet she is ruthlessly intent on her successful oil painting career.  She paints figures in landscapes.  She is also a naturalist and uses less of any given commodity than anyone I know.  Here she is, among the mountains she loves:

The next day (Monday) Deb & I drove north to GNP.  Montana is big, wide open and a pleasure to drive.  We entered at West Glacier and drove north along Lake McDonald.  This is when the smoke became apparent.


Click on an image to enlarge it.


Mt. Jumbo snake

Mt. Jumbo Squirrel

Mt. Jumbo Woodpecker

Stephanie & Deb

Entering Glacier Park

Lake McDonald 1

Lake McDonald 4

Lake McDonald 5

Lake McDonald 6

Mt. Goat 2


Prev Fire Damage

Zoo Grizzly 2

Zoo Grizzly 5

Zoo Grizzly 7

Grinnell Falls

Grinnell Glacier 9

Grinnell Glacier 10

Grinnell Glacier 15

Grinnell Lake 1

Grinnell Trail 1

Grinnell Trail 4

Long-horned sheep 2


unid bird

Am. Dipper 1

Am. Dipper 2

Bear Scat 1

Bear Watchers

Escaped Cattle

Filtering Water

Lake Poia

Many Glacier campsite


Wild Brown Bear

Am Dipper 3

Eliz Lake Food prep area

Eliz Lake Pithole

Eliz Lake campsite

Red Gap 3


Grizzly 1 near Many Glacier

Grizzly 2

Ranger Rachel w/shotgun