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Holland, Turkey, Egypt
June '08

June 1 - 5 (Sun - Thurs)  ICCS   Photos/Details

I flew to Holland June1 to attend the eighth International Conference on Chemical Structures in the town of Noordwijkerhout, in the (tulip) "bulb" region of South Holland.  I gave a talk, which went well enough, being described by several people as clearly presented and relating subjects refreshingly different from the mainstay fare.  During the conference we had an excursion to Amsterdam.

June 5-6 (Thurs-Fri) Amsterdam    Photos/Details

After the conference I bid goodbye to David Spender, who had delighted me with the history of the British land and monarchy on a couple of occasions, and took a train to Amsterdam.  I stayed at the St. Christopher Hostel in the old city just outside the Red Light District.  In the morning I took the Free City Tour, practically the only city tour available.  In the evening I took the Red Light tour.  Both were quite interesting.  I was sick during this time and grateful for sleep.

June 7-14 (Sat-Sat) Turkey    Photos/Details

A morning flight from Amsterdam to Istanbul landed me sick at Ataturk airport.

June 15-22 (Sun-Sun) Egypt    Photos/Details