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February 22-24, 2008

Every winter there is a Unitarian getaway to the J&B Bed & Breakfast in North Conway, New Hampshire.  Featured activities are cross-country and downhill skiing, snow shoeing, singing and games.  And food.

Here are a few pictures.  Click on an image to enlarge it.  Larger resolution available on request.

Driving to N.Conway

Kathleen & Freya


Playing Great Dalmudi

J & B Bed & Breakfast

Kriss & Elke don Snow Shoes

Kathleen at trailhead

Kathleen's Snow Shoes Adjusted

Kriss crosses stream 1

Kriss crosses stream 2

Kriss crosses stream 3

Kriss crosses stream 4

Kriss crosses stream 5

Kriss crosses stream 6

Kriss crosses stream 7

Kriss crosses stream 8

Kriss crosses stream 9

Mark, Kathleen, Kriss

Nick, Mark, Kathleen, Kriss

Elke, Nick, Kathleen, Kriss

False Summit of Mt. Potash

False Summit of Mt. Potash Nick eats snack

Summit of Mt. Potash

Summit of Mt. Potash

Kathleen takes a spill

Ice heaves 1

Ice heaves 2

 Ice heaves 3 River Wall

Friday night we played the Great Dalmuti.  Nick was disinterested until he got a taste of being top dog, and then he was hooked!  Saturday some went snow shoeing, some sledding.  Saturday night we played (3-part) charades.  Sunday we cross-country and downhill skied.