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June, 2005

Following a conference in Holland June 5-9, 2005, I spent two weeks driving around Scandinavia.  I'd been to Helsinki in 1990 (IUPAC conference) and Stockholm for a few days in 1996 (following an ICCS conference), but didn't know Scandinavia well.


Sat, June 4

Afternoon: Fly out of Logan

Sun, June 5

Arrive Amsterdam Schiphol 7:35 am

June 5-9


Wed, June 8

Ship trip on Lake IJssel (IJsselmeer) to Hoorn. [info]

Thur, June 9

Fly to Stockholm.  Stay with Tiit & Kadri Land

Fri, June 10

Day in Stockholm.  Overnight ferry to Turku, Finland

Sat, June 11

Day in Turku.  Stay at Elina Numella's

Sun, June 12

Drive from Turku to Helsinki.  Stay at Kersti Talsin's

Mon, June 13

Lunch with Madis in Tallinn.  Stay at Kersti's

Tue, June 14

Drive from Helsinki to Kuopio, capital of Finlan'd Lake Region

Wed, June 15

Drive from Kuopio to Vassa.  Ferry to Umea, Sweden.  Stay at hotel.

Thur, June 16

Drive from Umea to Ostersund, Sweden.

Fri, June 17

Drive from Ostersund to Trondheim, Norway

Sat, June 18

Drive south from Trondheim to Olesund, Norway

Sun, June 19

Drive south from Olesund to Bergen

Mon, June 20

Drive south from Bergen to Stavanger

Tue, June 21

Drive east from Stavanger to Drammen, suburb of Oslo

Wed, June 22

Drive east from Drammen to Uppsala, Sweden

Thur, June 23

10:35 am: fly Stockholm->Schiphol;  fly Schiphol -> Boston, arrive 3:45 pm.

Road Signs

I made a study of road signs while driving.  Here are some photographs.  Here are some explanations: