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How to Rate Squash Players
Created 5/5/05.  Mru 05/06/2005


For the past month I've been trying to improve the method we use to rank our club players.  Before April, we simply summed the box scores of each player, and bumped the best two players up a box, and dropped the worst two players down.  A few things were missing:

I wanted to introduce a system that is:

For working up April and May, I used a homegrown formula that is imperfect.  For working up June, I will adopt a formal recognized system, most likely the USSRA's or Glickman's.


  1. Chess "Trantrix Elo" -- used by the International Chess Federation.
  2. USSRA System
  3. Glicko -- general
    1. Glicko-1.
    2. Glicko-2.
    3. GameDesire uses modified Glicko-1
  4. Croquet World
  5. NCAA Women's Volleyball ranking system
  6. Sabre