Boxed Ladder Guidelines  (mru 10/4/05)

  1. During the course of the period, play everyone else in your box.
  2. Matches are best 3-of-5 (9-point games).  That is, a match is won by whoever wins three games first.  Each game is to 9 points, with a 1- or 2-point tie-breaker.
  3. Record your scores on the hardcopy at the club.

    Example: Peter Nicol beats Jonathan Power 3-2.  Write "3" in Peter's row under  "Jon". Write "2" in Jon's row under "Peter".

      Sarah Jon Peter
    Sarah Fitz-Gerald --- 3 3
    Jon Power 0 --- 2
    Peter Nicol 1 3 ---


  4. If time runs out before a match is completed, resume the match at the beginning of the first unfinished game.  If the match cannot be completed, it's not the end of the world.  Just record the incomplete score.
  5. Unplayed matches are not scored.  There are no defaults.  Let me know in case of trouble scheduling.
  6. When you sign up for the ladder you agree to do your utmost to play all your matches during the period.  Failure to do so is unfair to your box mates.  Here is practical advice:
    1. Touch base with all your box mates at the beginning of the period.
    2. If at all possible, play your matches early in the month, since other people's availability is uncertain.
    3. If a fellow box player is unresponsive by e-mail, call them.  Don't wait till the last week to do this!  If you're frustrated, drop me a line.
    4. When you approach a box mate about scheduling, the following tactics are helpful:
      1. Start by indicating your general times of availability.  Offer several specific times during the coming week or two when you are free. 
      2. In the same message, ask them to provide alternative times if none of yours are good for them.  This puts the ball in their court.
      3. Make it clear who is responsible for booking court time.
    5. If you know you will not complete your box, let me know ASAP.
  7. Generally the strongest player(s) in a box advance to a higher level for the next period, while the weakest player(s) drop downwards.  See more details on ratings.

Here are the old guidelines using 7-point scoring.