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US Open 2003 Photo Gallery

There are only a few tournaments in the US that attract the world's top players, and we are fortunate to have one of them right here in Boston.  The 2002 US Open was the first athletic event ever held in the venerable Symphony Hall.    (The 2001 was supposed to be the one, but 9/11 happened two days before it was to start, and the event had to be postponed.  A pity, because as only Americans could get to the venue, an American might have won the event for the first time!)  The 2002 US Open also took place in Symphony Hall.  They place a large bleachers over the various floor seats, and the audience can sit back-court (best for viewing overall action), in the balcony, along the sidewalls (good for seeing the mechanics of shots in cross-section), or in front of the court (good for seeing players' expressions).

The U.S. Open was played, for the second year running, in the venerable Symphony Hall.  Peter Nicol won it (again).  The match with David Palmer was especially exciting.  There were a couple of chaotic rallies in which a series of unbelievable saves were made by both players.


Lincou-Power 2

Drop shots are among the most exciting!

Lincou-Power 3

Resting between games.

Rickets-White 1

Rickets-White 2

The loser is usually the one complaining!

Symphony Hall (ctr)

Center shot of the venue

Symphony Hall (left)

Symphony Hall (right)

Nicol-Lincou 6

Nicol-Lincou 1

Nicol-Lincou 2

Nicol-Lincou 3

Nicol-Lincou 4

Nicol-Lincou 5

Oh brave warrior in the mist!

Nicol-Palmer 1

Nicol-Palmer 2

Nicol-Palmer 3

Nicol-Palmer 4

Nicol-Palmer 5

Palmer favored the front court for wiping his hand.

Nicol-Palmer 6

Nicol-Palmer 7

Palmer takes a fall.

Peter Nicol: Champion 1

Peter Nicol: Champion 2

Peter Nicol: Champion 3

Peek at the audience.

See anyone you recognize?


Overview of the scores.