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Trail Ride 4/25/04

Since this Sunday morning was beautiful and moderately warm, for our two-hour lesson we took a trail ride, including several brisk cantors, a little stream fording, and a bright corn field dotted with bluebird houses.  Click a picture to enlarge it.

Sheila and Cassie are our patient teachers.  That's Zippo, my favorite horse, on the right.  Sheila has just resaddled Zippo as the pad underneath was sliding off.


Here's Cassie.  She's a superb rider.


Ron & party


Sandy & Karen.  Sandy's a retired ballet dancer.




Cathy & Leigh.  Cathy too is a retired ballet dancer, though now she teaches.


Cassie & Cathy & Leigh

Ron & Cassie

Harold & Sheila

Chris.  It's a miracle he hasn't been stomped to death by now.


Chris 2.  He loves to run to and fro along the line of horses.


Chris 3  Zippo wishes Chris would run someplace else.


Wet trail.  Zippo doesn't like to tread in the middle, preferring the drier sides, where unfortunately the branches are.


In the woods


Zippo munching.  If you are a poor disciplinarian, your horse will snag leaves along the trail.  (This picture should be rotated counter-clockwise.)


"Cornfield": preparing to trot


Returning from trot


Last leg of ride


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