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Phase 3: Demolition: Ceiling Removed
Last modified 2012-11-11


After the walls (save the closet) were removed, the ceiling was removed, because it was found necessary to strengthen the joists therein on the half to support the furnace.  This created a lot of debris on the floor.


Designer and Contractor make a walk-through

A couple of floorboards were removed to study the joists.

Vivian & Craig

Al & Everson did much of the work

Delivery of Framing Materials

We ran out of room on the porch, and stored debris on the 2nd floor deck

Home is not always clean

Landing & Master Bedroom

The wall separating attic and former bedroom is completely gone

Lumber was delivered by ladder

Landing & Master Bedroom

Construction of the Chase

Evidence of a large pocket door on 1st floor


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